Type S Scout Ship Understudies Deck

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Used for the Understudies scenario. Worked rather well.


LeperColony 2

Did you find it easier to do the Passenger or Survey contracts?


Hello! The ones I did find difficult were -

Reach for the stars: the 5 distance made it expensive and as I didn't have many crew the subplots were difficult to do.

Red Zone Prospecting: the distance 4 was a little better, but same issue Reach for the stars.

A good one turned out to be Refugee Resettlement once I have Ta'Nal on board with a Cognition Wafer. I think I won with that for my last contract.

Being a Passenger or Survey contact wasn't the issue mostly, I was looking at the whole contract and the "return on investment" of the jump cost. With lost of Events that I could get capacity or skill tokens with I was able to fill in the gaps when needing an extra survey or passenger for example.