Connection - Organization

Corporate, Resourceful

Cost: . Expense: 2.

:: When you draw from an Adventure Deck, draw 2 additional cards. Choose one, and return the others to the bottom of that deck in any order.

We can solve anything.
Nicholas Lim
Beowulf Free Trader Ship #14.

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Advanced Solutions, Inc.
Errata & Clarifications

So in the Adventure Phase, Stage 1, you get to draw one complication and look at it without revealing it to your opponents, and then play it on one of the the contracts. With this card, if you exert it, you get to draw two cards instead. IN SOLO PLAY, Stage 1, you draw one complication and play it face down. However, in Stage 2, you get to draw an adventure card and place it face up. So with ASI, you get to draw two and decide which to play. Since there is no Phase Restriction, you can also use it during other times when you're required to draw from the adventure deck.


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