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Sensors, Space


Contract Requirements: ,
Contract Subplots: : , 1 or , 2 : , 1

3 2 3

There's Always Something


Complication Requirements: Reveal the top 5 cards of target Adventure Deck. Attach 2 of your choice as [Complication] to this if able. Discard the remainder.
Things just got complicated.

Locating a lost probe is difficult, and occasionally dangerous.
Leonardo Calamati
Type S Scout Ship #3.

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Gravimetric Probe Retrieval

Gravimetric Probe Retrieval
Errata & Clarifications

When you choose to encounter and resolve this complication, you choose a Captain's adventure deck - that's the target. So, in a four-player game, you could pick any of the four adventure decks to reveal the top 5 cards and attach 2 of those cards. Now, the question as to how it works when there are already other complications came up in today's tournament at DunDraCon. We may review the ruling to make sure it it consistent, but here's how it worked today.

Contract has 2 complications and a limit of 2, one of which is this one:

  • If the captain removes the other complication, leaving only this one, then this complication is encountered, it is on the way to the discard pile as it's being resolved to where two of the five revealed complications are added to the contract.
  • If the captain resolves this complication first, the five complications are revealed and one of them will definitely be added to the contract as this complication is no longer considered attached while it's being resolved. A second complication from the five revealed may be chosen to replace the other, original complication or the other four cards revealed may be discarded if the captain resolving "There is Always Something ..." would rather not replace the other, original complication.

No review yet for this card.