Jolly Rogers

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Jolly Rogers 1 1 0 2.0

Wargfn 7

No One surrenders to the Dread Pirate Wesley; however, this deck is geared towards Piracy and running a quick few jumps to make Victory Points.

The Core of this deck floats around 3 cards with one targeting either of two crew:

Rhal'Kais Chop Shop: used to increase Victory Points awarded for Piracy. Black Market Investors: used to lower Victory Points required for winning based on . Sinister Reputation: used to add tokens.

Sinister Reputation is best used to target either Baronet Cronin or Imtail Ergarsuu, with Cronin as an excellent primary target as he can make himself Invulnerable.

The reset of the deck is built around using Piracy as an opportunity late game to secure victory, while in the first few rounds, being able to complete quick and easy to run .

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