Stellar Safari Ship

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Wargfn 7

Stellar Safari Ship is a Deck built around the versatility of the Safari Ship. It has some burst defenses and event cards to ward off pirates. With a heavy focus on as a specialty to take advantage of numerous subplots. Cognition Wafer can be used to shore up any missing skills.

Focus your game play on resolving as many complications as possible to allow for an ever increasing hand size. [Hand size originally starts at 7 cards]

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Curevei 3

I would run 2x Gravimetric Probe Retrieval in any Safari build besides maybe some weird pure piracy/control build (even then, may be a reason). I would switch one or two Modular Hold to LSP Multi-Phased Array as an additional way to complete the contract or generate more Military, but you never really want the contract in play, anyway, which is where Advanced Solutions can get it into play as a complication.

Rufus Bartle because he's cheap and human? Related to how Rufus won't hit your Crew limit, why Crew Compartment? I'm not seeing a way you would exceed your Crew limit in this deck to where it would ever do anything. I'd much rather something like Smuggling Hold.

I'd also replace Catastrophic Overbooking with Misdirection as CO is just weird in play, really having more value in three or four player play than two player, where Misdirection addresses those cases where you could get stuck by a complication while still letting you get a counter. Calling in a Marker is not synergistic, but it can get you through the Defeat Enemy Ship complications. Alternatively, Missile Barbette to clear a wider range of complications while fending off tactical, late game piracy or opening it up.